7 Strange Dog Behaviors You Might Ask Why? Explained By Science!

7 Strange Dog Behaviors You Might Ask Why Explained By Science!

You have probably noticed your dog’s strange behavior. There are many theories that explain some of the strange things that dogs do. So, if you love your dog, you will want to find out our 7 reason why your dog exhibits strange behavior.

1# Why dogs like to stick their heads out of an open car window.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that dogs don’t like confined spaces, but that’s not the main reason. Dogs like to stick their heads out of moving cars to enter the endless world of smells.

2# Why dogs sniff from behind.

Going back to a dog’s smell, it’s about 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than humans. There is a part of their nose that allows them to ignore the smell of feces. This is called Jacobson’s organ – which also allows them to feel the special glands on the back of another dog. It’s more important than you think. In addition to having a keen sense of smell, dogs also have glands in the back that release chemicals that speak volumes about their bodies to other dogs. Dogs sniffing at each other are like humans shaking hands. That’s why a dog can also sniff your crotch, but don’t worry – it’s just part of their strange behavior.


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