The kitten who lost 4 legs walks again with “bionic” prostheses

The kitten lost her 4 legs, tail and ears because of the cold but now she can move again thanks to 3D printed prostheses.

A video that went viral in recent days showed the recovery of a kitten who lost all her legs. Now he is able to walk thanks to modern bionic prostheses.

Dumka is the name of the kitten that was found in the cruel Siberian cold, which can reach 50 degrees below zero. Due to these conditions, the cat was with its legs, its tail and its ears hurt by the intense cold, with damage known as frostbite. The poor kitten was in a dying state but a veterinarian saved her.

The veterinarian Sergei Gorshkov, from Novosibirsk, Russia, opted to amputate all four limbs and then implant special prostheses made with a 3D printer. These would allow him to be able to walk again.

After seven months of recovery after these prostheses were implanted, Dymka was finally able to recover from the complicated operation and get used to his new bionic legs.

Currently, the kitten moves like any pet and is able to lie down, lick and eat as if nothing had happened. Watch the videos that illustrate his recovery below.

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